No Longer Fatherless

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Our mission will be made possible by those who are passionate about impacting the lives of fatherless boys. 

Every donation we receive will be invested in our mission. This includes: recruiting, training, and running background checks on mentors - Group events with our mentors and boys such as sporting events -Gatherings with mentors, boys, their families, and our organization to celebrate milestones as one team - Forming partnerships with organizations and businesses that can help us make a larger impact - Community outreach - Launching fundraisers within our community so we can continue to spread awareness and raise additional funds - Administration costs such as office supplies, printing, materials, website and internet program costs.

No Longer Fatherless is a 501(C) 3 organization, all donations are tax deductible. For a one-time donation click the red, donate now, button. To set up a recurring donation scroll toward the bottom of this page. A recurring donation can be customized to be taken out on the day of your choosing and how often you'd like that to occur (Bi-weekly, monthly, etc.) If you would like to mail a check, our mailing address is 1648 Taylor Rd #114 Port Orange, FL 32128.

“Don't try to change the world, find something that you love and do it every day; Do that for the rest of your life and eventually, the world will change” This is one of my favorite quotes. We found what we love and are passionate about. We truly believe the world will change, if we work together.

We CAN do this, with YOUR help!