No Longer Fatherless

Quickest Answered Prayer, Ever

Skip Simmons

It was August of 2018. Our Church, Thrive Community, was in the middle of 21 Days of Prayer. Each night, Monday thru Friday, 7-8PM, members of the church gathered for prayer and worship.

At this point, I was discouraged about the progress of No Longer Fatherless (NLF). Everyone involved in the leadership of NLF was a volunteer, we all had other full-time jobs. I was full time selling real estate along with part-time leading the K-5th grade services at Thrive Church.

During this time, leading NLF was in a distant 3rd place and I did not feel good about it. When I am feeling down, don’t know what to do, need help…I pray. One night my wife, Raquel, and I went to prayer. It was about an hour: devotion, prayer, worship music, communion, more prayer, more music.

That night I had a specific prayer request - mentors for No Longer Fatherless. When Raquel and I drove home that night she said she was specifically praying for mentors for NLF as well. Prior to going we did not talk about what we were going to pray about that night. It was a “coincidence”.

Rewind 10 minutes to when that night of 21 Days of Prayer was over and being dismissed. Raquel and I are walking out of the building when we see a man walking toward us. We introduce ourselves. It was someone I recognized from seeing him and his family around church over the past few years but we had never really had a conversation.

He said something like, “Hey my name is Brett Holland, can you tell me about the organization you are involved with, I’d love to become a mentor if possible.”

Brett has become one of our most valuable mentors. In our last mentor training class Brett came to the last meeting to share his experience as a mentor and answer questions for the new mentors. He is reliable, consistent, trustworthy, and a great role model for Evan, the boy he is mentoring.

If you are discouraged about something, feeling down, don’t know what to do, overwhelmed…ask for help. If someone can’t help or you don’t have someone to turn to, look up. Ask the man upstairs. It works for me, you might find what you are looking for.