No Longer Fatherless

He Was Right Across The Street

Skip Simmons

No Longer Fatherless hosts a new mentor training class every couple of months. At this point in 2019 we had finished 4 classes. In between classes I am always recruiting for the next one, sometimes following up with people who have said "Maybe" or "I will, I just can't right now."

One of those people was Dave. I have asked Dave several times if he would like to join our next mentor training class. Each time I asked it was, maybe next time. Well I found out later that Dave was honored to be recruited for NLF and he told himself, next time Skip asks me I am saying yes.

That is exactly what happened. I said something like, this is Skip for your monthly question, would you like to join our next mentor training class? He responded, “I'll be there.” I was not expecting that answer but I was excited to see it!

During training, Dave asked if they can refer boys to the program. There was a family in his neighborhood who he had gotten to know over time, he heard their story, and he knew the sons would be a perfect fit for our program. I told him, absolutely. Other mentors have brought boys into the program, we welcome all!

Dave went to tell the mother about his idea and our program. Turns out, I signed up her 2 sons for our program months ago and they have been on our waiting list, waiting for the right mentor.

I went to match Dave and Maddix one evening, their homes sit about 50 feet apart. Talk about a close match!

Take a lesson from Dave. Say YES to something that can change someone's life. It could be someone across the street who is struggling.

If you know of a boy who could benefit from this program, tell us, tell their parent or guardian. We will get them signed up.

If you know of a man who may be a great mentor, tell us, tell them about the program, we have opportunities for them to go through training and get matched for mentoring.

It is so amazing to be a part of this organization and to see all of these stories come to life.